Tuesday 30 June 2009

Welcome to my allotment blog

Tanya Walton allotments4youHi All...(is there anyone out there reading???) Well this is my first ever blog and I have decided to kind of write it about allotments...but with a bit of a difference. You see I was a little dubious about calling it an allotment blog because I wanted to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years about growing stuff but not just for those with huge plots of land. Then when I looked the definition 'allotment' up in the dictionary although it does state 'a piece of hired land for growing vegetables', it also so states ' a piece of land used for an alloted purpose'. With this in mind 'Allotments 4 you' was created (not my first choice...I was going to go for 'allotments 4 all' but there are loads of websites on the net with this address already and I wanted to have something unique!!) and I am left free to write about all I have learnt and tried and tested over the years.

I do have an allotment now but only got one last year and have used my small garden and limited space for years prior to having an allotment to grow various veggies and herbs. I first got my allotment about 16 months ago and I will go back in time with my next post and little by little work up to present day as I have everything catalogued from previous months thanks to my lovely friend Eva..( Hi Eva...are you reading my blog???)... who bought me a garden diary for christmas in 2007.

My blog is going to be about sharing my experiences, triumphs and failures and maybe giving advice to others and also receiving it. I want to be able to share with you all the beauty of growing your own stuff...be that in an allotment, garden, yard, balcony, or even a window box because all of these things are possible and you can only work with what you've got...Not everyone lives in accomodation with a garden, or has access to allotments but just because that is the case for you doesn't mean you couldn't try growing something.

I also like to get the kids involved. With the fun stuff and the hard work. They can be great at this...sometimes not so good which has led to past failures... but lets face it everyone has to learn and it's not always about biggest and best...I like to think it should be about sharing, working together, learning and having fun!!!

So I guess that is the intro of' Allotments 4 you' over and done with. I really hope if you do come back again and continue to read more that you enjoy what I have to say and I will always value any comments!!