Wednesday 8 July 2009

Allotment Slave for the day!!

On The 1st of April..(now there's a coincidence!!) My sons school bus broke down so I said to him.."Right, you can come and help me up the allotment for the day!" So that was how he spent his unexpected day off. The allotment committee had organized a skip for that week...(yet another great coincidence!!) and as we had only just had our allotment a year believe me there was plenty of junk at the top end. I'm not entirely sure why people would want to carry old mattresses...tyres...planks of wood and huge bits of metal up to the allotments but maybe they had a very good reason for them..however I didn't and I wanted to take this opportunity to get rid of it all and that is where my son came in. I still had some digging over to get done and I got stuck into that whilst he got stuck into clearing the rubbish form the top end of the allotment.

 very thirsty work(It was unusually warm which made it very thirsty work!!)

I stopped digging periodically to help out with a particuarly tough bit, (it's quite hard to move bed springs that have had at least two years of grass growing through) but we pretty much got stuck into our own bits and managed to get the work done in about 4 hours so I was very happy with the day.

let the slave eat(I was very kind and even let the slave

With all this rubbish moved and the last of the land dug over I am now ready to get stuck in and move things about a bit at the weekend to make my allotment a little more organized!!

land finally prepared and leveled(And here you have it...all the land finally prepared and leveled we can get the tiller on it and get some planting done!!)

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