Tuesday 7 July 2009

The Allotment...13th - 15th March 2009

Okay...so this is my first visit to the allotment this year to get some REAL work done. I started out by digging over the soil and removing any weeds and also a lot of large stones which I manged to bring to the surface. I dug out quite a large area as I wanted to get plenty planted this weekend so spent nearly a whole day on preparation but when I left the soil was nice and fine and ready to put the seeds and potatoes in the next day. I also put some edging in, (just cheap plastic stuff) which will hopefully give me an edge to work to in future and stop the carpets riding down over my veg. patch.

days achievement
(I'm quite proud of my days achievement!!)

On the saturday morning bright and early (well not that early really..only about 8am) I was off down the allotment again. This time to get some stuff in the ground as I was determined this year to get my seeds in when it was the right time. I spent the day sowing, 1st early Aaron Pilot potatoes, parsnips, peas and carrots. Someone on the allotment told me it was too early to put my spuds in but the deed had already been carried out so now I'm just hoping we don't get any hard frosts!!

newly planted beds.....parsnips, peas and carrots
(My newly planted beds.....parsnips, peas and carrots!)

The kids came down with me today and after helping to plant the peas and potatoes..(see, ROUND veg!) they also helped me dig over some of the land that has yet to be finished...All in all a very productive weekend on the allotment.

 kids getting stuck in with the weeding
(Above are the kids getting stuck in with the weeding...if you look closely at the photo you can just see the string which is the dividing line between mine and Kate's allotments.)

Also over the weekend I got my Cauliflower, Purple sprouting broccoli and brussel seeds sown in trays and put in my little greehouses in the garden....I have a very good feeling about this year!!

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