Sunday 19 July 2009

And off we dig again!!!!

Well we have eaten all the Arron Pilot potatoes now and although they were quite tasty I won't grow these again next year for two reasons. The first being that each plant didn't seem to produce very many potatoes and the second being that they were quite tricky to cook just minute they weren't ready and the next they were falling apart. Not a waste as they were all eaten and not a failure but just not to be repeated by me...Each to their own though!!

Starting the digging.
Starting the digging.

Anyway with all the first early potatoes dug I had land that was bare and so I took the opportunity last night to give this a good digging over and add some fertilizer. I bought some fish, blood and bone fertilizer from the allotment store a while back and so this was liberally spread over and dug in. I'm not sure whether it is the right time to put fertilizer down but I figured it can't hurt and I know a lot of people would not have dug the ground over yet but I like to keep the allotment tidy and I find if I keep on top of this sort of thing it makes the whole process so much easier and it is A LOT easier to pull any weeds out of dug ground than out of compacted earth which has previously had stuff growing...besides it looks so much nicer!!

digging complete
Side one complete...doesn't it look nice!!

My peas were also finished and the parsnips never did amount to anything so I have also dug over that side of the allotment but I figured people wouldn't want to look at too many pictures of mud so I haven't photographed that side too.


  1. You're right keeping on top of jobs. If you left it, before you knew it, it would be covered in weeds again. Good job!

  2. There is nothing with more promise than a plot of earth dug and ready for planting...a dream spot.


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