Friday 10 July 2009

Building a raised bed

Well I think I have said before how I have been told by several people that the very top end of the allotment was no good for growing and this was one of the reasonsI have positioned all the stuff I need up there...i.e. my shed, water butts and coldframe. Well I thought that if I put a raised bed in along here then I could fill that with some fertile soil and hopefully something will grow. Again I wanted to keep it as cheap as possible so I have used scavenged pieces of material...not exactly pretty but it'll do the job!!

preparations for my raised bed
preparations for my raised bed!!!

I started off using my old shed door as a you may think this is a bit tall but I thought it would be ideal to keep all those pesky nettles that keep growing and hanging over my allotment from the field beyond away!! I then used a very nice looking piece of wood that my Dad had lying around taking up space in his garden at home as a front...and some old plastic left over from altering a shed for the sides. Again the sides are quite tall but I thought it would give my plants some protection from the they were free and I REALLY like that word!!!

completed raised bed
My completed raised bed!

So there you have completed raised bed which didn't cost me a penny.. :-) I am hopefully going to grow some strawberries in this next year but for this year I am just going to let it sit and settle down!!

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