Sunday 19 July 2009

Choosing your netting.

As I told you in a previous post this year I decided I was going to net my allotment after all the caterpillars eating my lovely greens last year. I eventually managed to get some hoops from the allotment store which opens every Saturday morning from 10-12 and I had previously bought my netting from Wilkinsons..and there in lat the problem. You see I thought nets were nets...and it wouldn't matter where I bought them wrong was I!!!

The netting I bought from Wilkinsons was a nylon was quite hard to work with and I had to actually wrap it around the bottom of my hoops and pull it taught as it kept springing back on itself and sticking together..I didn't think much of this at the time...but realized what a pain in the ass it was to put my netting up and also having to pull the hoops out every time to be able to weed round my veg.

nylon netting
The nylon netting.

I then purchased some netting for my parents from the allotment store...straight away I could see the difference...this WAS NOT nylon...did not stick to itself or tear and draped nicely over the hoops which meant you could leave it long enough to give your plants room to grow and still protect them. So after gaining this knowledge I decided to splash out and replace all of the netting i had...this cost me and extra £35..(which was about as much as I had paid for my previous nets!) but I was perfectly happy to pay out knowing that weeding the beds would be easier and that the new netting wouldn't rip and let the butterflies in. So in conclusion...when you want to buy some netting...take it out of the box and have a good look at it so you know exactly what you are purchasing!!

netting from the allotment storeThe netting bought from the allotment store.

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