Friday 10 July 2009

A compost heap at last!!

Well I am ignoring the weeds yet again so I cn finally sort out the pile of mud at the top corner of the allotment. It was supposed to be a compost heap but with so many weeds last year..(and a bit of laziness at times) we ended up with so much dirt in it it's not much use!!

I moved the mud around and used it to level up the ground somewhat (it's not like I got a spirit level out but at least I won't break an ankle now!) and then I used the rest of the plastic from the adapted shed my Dad made in his garden to give a border for a new compost heap to keep it all maintained and stop stuff blowing all over and spilling into huge piles!

It's very basic but does the job!!

The compost heap
The compost heap (at least it will be when I have something to compost!)

On one side of the huge pile of mud there were some very healthy looking potato plants which I though it would be a waste to just remove now so I have left this bit untouched and when they are ready I will dig them out and then level off this bit of ground too....I have no idea what sort of potatoes these are or when to dif them so it will be all trial and error....story of my allotment!!


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