Tuesday 14 July 2009

Finishing off the compost heap....10th July

Well the potatoes that had been growing on the huge pile of mud at the top of the allotment finally were ready to be dug so I thought it was time to get the compost heap finished!!

cutting back the bushes
I think my Dad got a little carried away...(He is in there somewhere..honest!)

At the top end of the allotment there are a lot of brambles and some sort of tree with HUGE thorns growing which I was cutting down when my Dad took a stroll down to the allotment to see how I was getting on...naturally I set him to work....I think he cut off a lot more than I could have been bothered with but I was very happy to let him go a bit crazy with the saw as it means when I'm putting stuff on the compost heap I won't get constantly attacked!!!!

Dad sorting out the cut brambles.
Dad sorting out the cut brambles.

It is nice to have finally got this end sorted and looking good...hopefully it won't take much to stay on top of it now!!

the compost heap is finished!
Finally the compost heap is finished!

So now all I need is the compost...I am going to put all the tops of what I grow in here and hope that it composts down quick...I know you can get stuff to add which helps it along and I may look into this although I want to keep it organic, I will also keep an eye out for the horses shitting on the road outside my house...kinda gross but it's good stuff!!


  1. Nice plots.Are you in the States? I've got some ideas for you contact through here... and...

    Great green thumbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blessed plot man. Where ARE you ? States? I'll give you my email so that some ideas can weave. Well Done! Omegetymon

  3. That's a job which I need to get done too. The top of my plot hasn't yet been touched and this is the area where my compost heap is going to be, so I need to get cracking with it.

  4. Hi..thanks for the comments...makes me feel like I'm doing something right :-)

    I am in the U.K. With the wonderful british weather..lol...would love to trade ideas!!


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