Sunday 5 July 2009

A good gift for an allotment holder...and a tip!!

Hello all...well this is just a quick post to tell you about the great gift I got from my Mum for my birthday..A book all about Allotment gardening. What makes the book so unique is that it is also ideal if you don't have an allotment and just want to grow stuff in your garden or even if you just want to go down your local market and get a load of fruit and veg. on the cheap. It gives you lots of good info. on what to grow, where, when and how. But it also gives you lots of info on what to do with the produce that you have and the different ways you can store/prepare it. I have learnt a lot from this and still have so much more to go through and it has given me some good ideas on different things to try and grow in the future.

allotment book by readers digest
Another good tip for anyone who has an allotment (and I'm not just talking about the women here!) is to have a good hand salve. I found one in the health's called.. 'Burt Bees Hand salve'. It is quite a big brand and not exactly cheap but it goes a long way and works really well so is well worth the money!! They sell lots of other products in theis range as well and I am seriously considering some of the lip balm.

burt bees hand cream
I tend to use some just before I'm going up the allotment and it's a great barrier cream and then again when I've cleaned up once I get home. Has anyone else found any good hand salves/cleaners that work well?? You all have to know what I mean by the term..'ground in dirt'!! Please let me know if you have any tips on keeping those hands and nails clean!!!

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