Wednesday 8 July 2009

Hardening off for planting!!

26th April and I started hardening off my seedlings ready to be planted out on the allotment the following weekend!! For any of you who don't know, hardening off is done so that the young plants which have been protected in doors or under glass don't get damaged by the elements they aren't used to. I start off by putting mine out during the day and bringing them back in at night and then when I have done that for a few days i will leave them out all night (unless heavt rain is predicted!) I have some very healthy looking plants and I am confidant that when I get them in the allotment they will give me some very tasty veg!!

My cauliflowers

My beetroot..not all of these have come but I am hopefull!!

beetrootMy cabbages

My brussels

My Runner beans

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