Friday 10 July 2009

heatwave on the allotment!! (2nd July)

Well week commencing 28th June saw a heatwave in this doesn't happen very often but with temperatures topping 30degrees c during the day and not getting below 20 some evenings I'm sure you can sympathize when I say there was no way I was going up the allotment to suffer from heat exhaustion!!

My first marrow
My first marrow..not very big but I was so excited I had to pick one!

Anyway by the Wednesday I was getting worried about my produce. I'm not big on watering...and so far I haven't but I wanted to go and give the ground a quick check over to see if I was going to have to help things along a little as it had gotten so dry and had been a couple of weeks since we'd seen any rain.

My beetroot
My beetroot..I roasted this in the oven...delicious!

Also the previous weekend I had dug some of my aaron pilot potatoes up and I had run out so needed to dig some more...(will write a little post about that later!!)

Fresh peasFresh peas..I even managed to cook a few. :-)

Anyway with all the dry heat and humid nights I was astounded when I went to my allotment and saw that stuff had grown....ALOT...and that I had some things ready to harvest!! I was very happy so went up in the evening and picked some lovely items for ourselves and neighbours to enjoy!!

A few of the radishes...I've had so many I have been sharing them with neighbours!!

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