Sunday 19 July 2009

Introducing Kate's half of the allotment!!

Kate on the allotment
Well this is Kate...she has the other half of the allotment and as requested here are some pics to see how she is getting on.

peas ready to pickKate has split her allotment into 4 sections planting the opposite way on to me as she read somewhere that you should plant so that the rows face east and west for the sun setting and rising. Kate has had some good harvest but also a few failures like me so I don't think turning the rows round has made much difference but it does make it easier to see where the divider is between the 2 halves. Above you can see Kate's peas..they did a lot better than mine but had quite a few bugs in them!!

This is Kate's strawberry patch which did very well this year and we shared the fruit as there was soooo has too many weeds in for my liking though!!

weeds on the allotmentThis is part of the allotment which kate didn't get much planted on so it is slowly turning into a weed pile...whoops!!

corn on the allotmentKate was lucky enough to get a good crop of corn going (I'm so jealous!!) and you can see it in the background of the above photo..and a few more weeds!!

cabbages and cauliflowersThis is a row or two of cabbages...I think...and again quite a few weeds. Kate isn't quite as dedicated as me at keeping the weeds down...I like to try and get at least an hours worth of weeding in a week...but everyone has different ideas so there is no real right or wrong about it...I just prefer to keep things tidy!!


  1. Wonderful Garden! Happy to have found you on Twitter!

  2. Wonderful big garden... i wish i will gonna have a big garden like that the way, i am new here, if you have please feel free to visit and follow my blogs, you might like some of those...
    thanks.. keep posting...


  3. khaye..i would love to check your blogs out..however I don't know what they are and cn't find a link for them....give me an address soon!!!

  4. My allotment is also very weedy. I'm finding it quite hard to keep on top of the weeds, purely due to lack of time. I'm hoping that now the kids are on holiday from school I will have more time to spend there.
    By the way, the links to your commenters blogs can be found by clicking on their name.

  5. Thanks for the info about clicking on peoples names Jo...I am still learning at this blog

    Hope you get to spend a bit more time down the garden now...get the kids to help!!!


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