Thursday 23 July 2009

Last allotment visit before holiday!!

Well I have been down the allotment this evening to do some general weeding and tidying up before having to leave it to it's own devices for a week as we are going away on holiday!!
The sky looked rather threatening but I was lucky enough to not get drenched!!

Stormy skies.
Stormy skies..pretty though!

Not much happening really (apart from the weeds going manic!!) The marrows are coming thick and fast and I harvested 3 huge ones tonight to give to neighbours and friends and told the allotment store to harvest a couple to see whilst I'm away as I hate to think of them going to waste!!

I got on quite well with the weeding and I think the allotment will be ok for the week although I have to admit I am going to miss going down but at least I will get to walk on the beach...and who knows maybe I will see some nice gardens whilst I'm away...I will definately keep an eye open for them!!

I did have one nice surprise tonight...I found a cucumber looks a little spiky to me so I don't know what it will taste like or whether I will end up having to peel it but I am quite impressed seeings how I nearly killed all the seedlings!!

My first cucumber
My first cucumber.

A couple of pics from the allotment before I left but they didn't turn out so great as it was quite dark when I least no-one can doubt my dedication..LOL

the allotmentA dark pic of the allotment..hhmmm?!?!?!

I also found an excellent use for my cold frame!!

cold frame storage
A new storage area!


  1. wow nice photos...keep the cucumber...

  2. Hope you have a great holiday.


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