Wednesday 8 July 2009

The Mantis Tiller... The perfect allotment companion!!!

tiller with it's handles folded for storageWell it is the time of year when my birthday is coming round again and this year I got an early present in April...The Mantis tiller!!

I don't know whether any of you are familiar with the mantis range but it is easy enough to look them up on the internet and you can even watch a demo movie on You Tube!

My Mum first showed me the mantis range when she received a a brochure through the post and that was where I first spotted the tiller. There was not much information on it but you could send away for an information pack with c.d. and
this is what I did. (Above you can see the tiller with it's handles folded for storage).

the lawn aerator toolWhen I received the c.d. and watched it I knew I just HAD to have the tiller. It was quite small which would make it easy for me to handle and would be suitable for my allotment and also comes with a full money back who's going to argue with that??
The down side to the tiller??? Well they are quite pricey. You can either get a 4 stroke or electric tiller and of course I wanted a 4 stroke so I was looking at a minimum of £399.00. (Above...the lawn aerator tool.)

 the lawn De-thatcher
A whole host of money but I didn't think it would be a waste so My parents said they would give me some money for my birthday as did other family members and then I made up the rest and went ahead and ordered my Tiller!!

You can get all sorts of different attachments for them and I went for the tiller with the lawn dethatcher and aerator and then also bought a plough head for planting potatoes. It also came with a kickstand and a lawn edger..(although I have not used the lawn edger!!) (Above the lawn De-thatcher).

The furrower attachmentSo there you have it...another perfect gift for someone who has an allotment...(or just a big garden). I have used my tiller and awful lot and already had more than my moneys worth out of it. It is very economical on fuel and easy to use..(Did take me a while to set it up though...if you ever buy one make sure you read the instructions...I didn't..whoops!) (To the left..The furrower attachment.)

a box of handy extra bitsI still dig my land over by hand and take the weeds out but now I don't have to labouriously hack through the clay and hard mud.....I just remove weeds, turn soil and then till the means I can prepare three times as much land in one go as I was getting done when I was doing it all by hand!!!

(To the left...a box of handy extra bits.)

One of the best's small enough to carry from home to allotment and back again so I can use it everywhere!! No more broken backs!!

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