Monday 6 July 2009

My allotment...the first visit 2009

what the allotment looks like

Well this is now into the present year but I will start at the beginning and work my way through on a daily basis until we are up to date.

reminder of the allotment last yearAbove is the only bit of the allotment I didn't mange to get dug over last year and compared to the photo on the right..(which is just to remind you of what I was presented with last year) I was very proud of my efforts...Not a lot to dig but none the less...a lot of work!!

One of the first things I needed this year was a shed...I had toyed with the idea of getting one last year but just never got around to it. This year however I definately wanted one as I was fed up with having to carry my tools to and from home and especially of having nowhere to shelter in the unexpected downfalls that we Brits are accustomed too!!

The previous year I had laid some slabs in my garden and had a load of sand left over so had moved that up to the allotment to put some slabs and then a shed luck would have it the owner of the allotment next to mine had some slabs who after me asking very sweetly said that I could have them so I then had a base...Now I just need the shed.

I didn't want to spend loads on a shed and in the end spent nothing apart from some time. My parents had two small sheds in their garden and were getting rid of them and buying one large no maintenance metal shed and my Dad asked me if I would like the smaller one. Of course I jumped at the chance of a freebie and so all my shed cost me was a days labour which was to help my Dad unload and dismantle the shed and then we carried..YES CARRIED .. it down to my allotment...hey presto I have a shed!!!

the shed
It isn't the finest shed in the world and is quite old but it is perfect for what I needed and the added bonus was that it didn't cost a penny...Nothing like utilizing old stuff!!

As you can see in my shed pic. I also have a lot of carpets down in front of it. These were laid towards the end of last year. The top end of the allotment was a complete jungle of grass, thistles, nettles and weeds but we had been advised by other allotmenteers (is that even a word??) not to plant to far up as nothing really grew well. I took this on board but didn't want the mess so found some old bits of carpet in my loft..(god know why I had saved's not like it was going to fit any of the rooms in the house!) and took them down the allotment to kill what was growing. There wasn't exactly enough but I figured I could move them around a bit at a there was my organic weed killer in place!!

So below is an over view of my allotment at the beginning of the season in 2009 with my shed already in place. All the ground needs digging ready for planting but there is only a small patch that hasn't been worked over at all yet so I will go up and do a little of this each time I visit and also get some planting done at the right times this year..YAY!!!

overview of allotment

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