Monday 6 July 2009

My final allotment summary for 2008!!!

Well this is a final summary of my allotment days for 2008. Considering it was my first year and I didn't get my seeds in until later than is advised I didn't have too bad a year. As you can see from above I had quite a good crop of peas so my stick and string maze worked at keeping off the wildlife. The only problem was that they flourished A LOT whilst I was away on holiday so quite a few of went to seed....but still I enjoyed the ones that we got to eat...and I even manged to cook a few..(lol).

My potatoes did well and I got a really good harvest from them...I had never grown potatoes before so wasn't sure when they would be the end I just dug some up to check and they were looking pretty good so up they came...It was August when I dug these though and the weather was getting quite wet so I dug them quite quickly and stored some to eat later and gave some to neighbours...I now know that I could have left some in the ground and they would have been fine...Wisdom is a wonderful thing!!

runner beans
My runner beans were prize plants...they really flourished and we had a very bountiful crop..I gave quite a few away to friends and froze lots...we had a whole winter stock and now we are in July of 2009 and I am on my last bag...I love my chest freezer!!

This was one of the three onions that came..I now know that letting the children plant them isn't the best idea in the world...but hey, you learn by your mistakes!!! I will make sure I let the kids plant round veg in the future!!

The tomatoes that I planted out VERY late never did get any fruit on them but that was OK as I had plenty of fruit off the ones in the garden.

I kept visiting the allotment about once a week until mid November..(when it just got way too cold!) to keep digging over the ground that I hadn't managed to plant on...I got quite a bit done but not all of it but I was happy in the knowledge that the opening allotment season for 2009 was not going to be anywhere near as hard!!!!

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