Thursday 16 July 2009

Oh I'm bad!!!

Well I went up the allotment last weekend and I have posts to write but have been sooo busy haven't had much time for anything...including the weeding...trying to spend the week getting on top of things and I will definately get some more posts done over the next few days!!!

broccoli is being hounded by weeds.
My poor broccoli is being hounded by weeds...I will get this sorted!!

Not everything is bad though...My cucumbers are starting to grow nicely and I am actually seeing flowers start to form....I have finished all my Aaron Pilot potatoes now too so will start digging the Maris Piper this week!!

cucumber plants
Lovely cucumber plants....just need to wait now...not too long I hope!!


  1. Yes, it's a losting battle with the weeds on my plot too.
    I've harvested my first cucumber, but mine are in the greenhouse rather than at the allotment.

  2. I hope that my cucumbers produce something soon....maybe the rain that is helping the weeds along so nicely will help them too.. :-)


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