Saturday 4 July 2009

Planting the 3...5th may (2008)

It just occurred to me when going through my previous posts that it appears I spent very little time at the allotment. This is not true though...I am just summarizing last year for you and as you can probably imagine I was going down for a couple of hours at least twice a week to do some digging and land preparation but I didn't want to bore you totally so I am summarizing the highlights of planting and harvesting my allotment last year to give just a brief overview before starting in 2009!!

I Remember this day very well as it was a bank holiday and VERY hot. I went down the allotment before 8am knowing that if I left it any later I wouldn't be able to get any planting done and that would be a shame!!

I started off as usual with having to dig over (yet again) the land that I had already weeded and then set to work putting in my potatoes. I had seen everyone with humps on there allotment so did this with my potatoes and made some very nice neat was hard work but I was quite satisfied with my results. I planted 35 seed potatoes of the second early variety...(I don't really understand what this means but I just bought some potatoes that said it was the right time to plant now!!)

planting on the allotment

This was also the day when someone who owned an allotment plot though they would..'Help us out' by rotorvating over all of the land that we hadn't yet managed to dig over. I suppose they had our best interests at heart and were only trying to help out but as you can probably imagine I was less than happy. We had spent 2 months painstakingly digging out all the weeds when he decided to come over and just effectively plough all those remaining in, leaving us with some very lumpy soil with all the weeds churned into it which than just grew ten fold...NOT HAPPY!!!!!

rotovated land
Ok... enough ranting about it...I guess shit happens and I did have a few harsh words with him and tell him know matter how well meaning he thought he was HE DID not have the right to touch the land without asking first...needless to say it hasn't happened again!!

I also planted out 4 rows of cauliflowers seeds today....I have put these straight into the ground so I will see how well they do...I have sowed brussel seeds into trays at home and I also have some runner bean plants that my mum has grown for me!!

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