Friday 3 July 2009

Planting the allotment..Day 1- Friday 28th May (2008)

From the onset of getting my allotment I was already scanning everyone elses and thinking of things that I needed to add to mine. I didn't want my allotment to end up costing a huge amount to set up so I immediately started of thinking how I could utilise items that I already had!!

My first thing was needing some water butts but these can be quite pricey in the shops. However I had an old black dustbin at home (because we had gone over to using wheelie bins in our district) so I took that up that allotment and sunk it a little into the ground and hey presto...a free water butt!! I wasn't entirely sure that one would be enough so I went to visit a few neighbours and asked them if they needed any help disposing of there old bins...This then gave me three water butts on the allotment...and it didn't cost me a penny!!

water butts
One of the chaps on the allotment had an abundance of raspberry canes and very kindly offered to let me have some. I wasn't sure where to put these as I hadn't even though about an allotment plot plan so decided for the time being to plant them in front of my water butts knowing the I could always move them the following year.

gooseberry bush

I also had a gooseberry bush which I planted near the water butts. I was very proud that I now had something growing on my allotment besides weeds (even if I did know that it was highly unlikely they would produce any fruit in the first year).

With the gooseberry bush and raspberry canes in place I was back to digging out the weeds again but day by day the land was turning brown and we were getting ever closer to prepare to plant some of the seedlings that I had sown into trays at home in my garden!!

It was beginning to resemble an allotment instead of a neglected piece of land!!

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