Friday 3 July 2009

Planting the allotment...Day 2 - 12th April (2008)

onions, garlic and leeks in the ground
Well this is going to be quite a short post as although I spent a good few hours at the allotment I didn't actually achieve that much (even with my free help!). I decided it was about time that I started planting something, there is still plenty of digging to be done but it isn't going anywhere and can wait for another day I'm sure! So todays project was to get some, onions, garlic and leeks in the ground. Unfortunately before this could be done we had to re-dig the previously dug ground and take more weeds out......Then we had to level the ground...move out some big rocks and rake it over before it could be planted.

This took quite a while but it was a nice day and it was very exciting thinking about getting in some veggies. The kids were excited too and couldn't wait to start planting.

When the ground was finally done then in went the onions...the kids were desperate to plant so I showed them what to do..which way up an onion should go and how deep to plant...I figured they can't harm onions much...(boy how wrong was the end of last season I only had 1 onion grow and that happened to be the one that I planted...oh well never mind...I will let them do the potatoes next Whilst they set to work on this I sowed the garlic and leeks.


Here you can see me checking the rows that we have planted out...I have know idea why I humped them up like this...I wanted to know here I had planted stuff though and had no way of marking me rows...I don't think it made any difference though...ermm maybe?!?!?!

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