Friday 10 July 2009

Potatoes and flowers?!?!?!

Well this is going to be a very boring post so if you want to skip it I don't mind but I feel I have to tell this little story.

As I already said..(probably several times!!) I planted two lots of potatoes this year, my Arron Pilot (I'm sure I spell that different every of the spellings is bound to be and Maris Piper. The Maris Piper were second earlies and the Arron Pilot first earlies. All the potato plants started to grow as you would have seen on previous posts...good yeah???

So then I see with potatoes I learnt last year to follow a procedure...(and I needed a little help with this!) wait till they flower...the flowers die...your ready to harvest!! Easy peasy ...right??? So I waited...and waited...and waited... and guess what happened??? My Maris Piper started to grow flowers...a beautiful delicate lilac flower...where is the problem you ask>>> This was my second lot of potatoes<<<<

sorting out the dug up potato plants!
dug up potato
So what was I to do?? Well I went ahead and dug a plant up...and there protected in the wonderful soil were some wonderful potatoes....turns out not all potatoes flower...would have been nice to know!!! My other problem do I know which potato plants do Flower...and if they don't flower how do I know when to dig them up???

My potatoes..washed and ready for cooking!!
Is there a potato bible out there somewhere?? I would really like to know for future refference!!!

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