Friday 17 July 2009

Rain. rain, rain!!!

Well I was intending to go up the allotment for a few hours tonight whilst my Hubby and Son were out on a Scouts bike ride...however it isn't going to happen because of the good old british weather!!! Yup...the rains and hard....I know this is going to be good for the gardens....however it means that you can't get down there to get anything done.. :-(

Raining just a little too hard to go to the allotmentRaining just a little too hard to go to the allotment!!

And I just know all that rain is making the weeds multiply even as I type....god I hate weeds...but I love my allotment and I suppose if the weeds didn't continue to grow I wouldn't have to spend as much time within the tranquility of it....oh the dilemmas!!!!

I won't need to water the tomatoes tonight
On the bright side...I won't need to water the tomatoes tonight.. :-)

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