Thursday 16 July 2009

Some pics. from 11th july

I got a little carried away with the camera and didn't want to waste the chance to display my veg that is growing so nicely so here is just a few random pics!!

onions look healthy
Don't the onions look healthy??

red gooseberries
My gooseberry has red gooseberries and I think they are ready but not really enough to do anything with so looking for inspiration on what to do with these few...and ideas????

leeks are doing well

The leeks are doing well ...although they seem to be slower growing this year....or maybe I'm just being impatient with them!!


  1. Looking good! How is your friend doing on the other half of your plot? Is she having the same success as you?

  2. She has had some success this year too..I will post some photos of her end of the allotment in the next few days...she has a few more weeds than me


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