Thursday 9 July 2009

Sorting the allotment.

Well June I am finding quite a slow month as an allotment holder. Everything is under control this year but nothing is ready to be harvested so I decided it was about time I got stuck in to the top end of the allotment. It really is a mess up there although it has been tamed somewhat by the carpeting I laid last year. However there is a huge pile of dirt in one corner..(our attempts of a compost heap last year...and quite frankly we needed somewhere to put all the crap we dug up) and the ground at that end is so uneven I'm surprised no-one had broken there ankle yet!!

Anyway I had been thinking about what to do with it.

My first idea was a cold frame. I had space on the slabs at the side of my shed and thought this would be the perfect place for one...I also wanted to move my water butts to the left hand side of the shed so that when it rained they would get more water and would also be out of the way!!

Well I got the water butt's moved which was quite easy as I had used most of the water whilst planting out so they weren't too heavy!!

Then for a cold frame...Hhhhmmmm!!!!
Cold frames are quite expensive and I wanted one that would fit the space I had so off I went again to see my beloved Dad! He loves to mess about with stuff so I told him what I was after and he said he could make me a cold frame. He had some pieces of wood at home and also so bits of plastic. I had some clear perspex in my shed so the only thing we had to buy was something for the lid. In the end my Dad got some cheap corrugated perspex from Homebase and I was presented with a new cold frame!!!

my cold frame
As for leveling off the ground to the top end of the allotment...this proved simple to remedy as well...after all I had a huge pile of dirt on the corner I could move around and level up with!!
And because it is and allotment blog...a few pics of how my veg is coming along!!

My cauliflowers
cauliflowersMy Marrows
My cabbages
My radishes..these need thining a little.
So things are growing quite nicely and I am becoming an established allotment holder!!


  1. What a clever dad! A coldframe is something I could do with. Everything looks to be growing nicely.

  2. He is very clever...He has made things quite cheap for me...and in return I keep him out of mischief. :-)


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