Wednesday 8 July 2009

This seasons disasters!!!!!

Ok...Just though it would be nice to let everyone know that not everything goes write all the time...after all none of us are infallible..(though the blokes may disagree!!)

Well firstly I have already mentioned that my corn didn't grow which I was really upset about especially when I see SO MANY people growing corn on their allotments and also I was told how easy it was to grow. I have decided i must have had a dud pack of seeds!!!

Then my pepper didn't grow either...I have always grown peppers even before my allotment..I usually take the seeds out of one I have bought...dry them then plant them later...I even grew them on my kitchen windowsill!! This year I went and bought seeds from the shop...planted out 12 and ...NOTHING...NADA....ZILCH!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO not impressed. Anyway not to be beaten by two lots of seeds I then got a huge tub (well the old green recycling box actually!!) half filled it with a good quality topsoil, you know and rich, then filled it up with a lovely compost...I put 8 seeds into this in case some didn't come...maybe I should have put more in..I have 1...yep that's right 1 (god I wish I knew how to shout numbers!) Pepper plant growing. I am going back to drying my own seeds next year!!

I also put some cucumbers in trays at they all grew..problem is I was quite late putting them in and I had planted everything else out on the allotment so I kind of forget they were at the top of the garden in the little greenhouse and forgot to water them...whoopsie... well I revived them a died totally so that left me with 6 which I planted out on the allotment 31st May...i will just have to see if they ever give me any cucumbers!!

Sorry no pics. to back up this one...just a rant of sorts...and now I feel much better.. :-)

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