Saturday 4 July 2009

A visit to the allotment ...18th may (2008)

Well I thought I would share this little story with see I went up to the allotment today just to check it over,...see if anything was growing and of course to dig some more ground.

I was doubly shocked today..firstly...I became the proud owner of some pea shoots which made me very happy. However on the downside...they were obviously being attacked by ..well something...could be birds or be honest I wasn't that much interested but knew I had to protect my poor little seedlings somehow...I couldn't leave them totally defenseless.

pea shoots
So I devised a see I have no netting or fancy hoops that I have seen on some of the plots but drastic action had to be taken immediately. All I had to hand were bamboo canes and garden string.

With just these tools I set to work to make an elaborate web to fool the little buggers and keep them off my plants. It doesn't look too pretty, ( I was kind of hoping for the exquisiteness of a spiders web) but I'm hoping it will give a little protection whilst my plants grow and can learn to stand up for themselves!!

stick and string pea maze
Don't my pea shoots look great?? I'm a very proud mum.. :-)

I also took this opportunity to plant out my runner beans. Now I knew these would need a framework and I had the canes ready but to be honest I had no idea where to start and what would be the best format...I looked around and people had them in straight lines...wig-wammed and also tented...aarrggghhh.... why does it have to be so hard???? I only want to plant a few beans!!! Well i solved the problem quick enough...A quick phonecall and my Dad was on his way down and gave me a few tips and even helped me build the framework and plant out. It was an excellent team effort and now I have a little ore greenery on the allotment tha isn't a weed!!

runner beans

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