Sunday 5 July 2009

A visit to the allotment...8th July...(2008)

Well another big gap between posts but lots of digging and re-digging had been going on as is the norm. for any allotment holder!!

Todays project was to finally get some brassicas in the ground. I had already put in some caulis which I sowed straight in from seed but i had sown some brussels, purple sprouting brocolli and cabbages in trays at home and I also had some peppers to go in though I don't hold out much hope that these will come to mush as it's so late in the season.

purple sprouting broccoli(My purple sprouting broccoli seedlings!)

I got to work getting my seedlings in and spent nearly a day at this as I had so many but knew if they were left much longer then I would probably get nothing from them.

The peppers went in first near the runners...then 5 rows of brussels and then 5 rows of purple sprouting brocolli. On the oppostie side near the caulis I planted some cabbages and also some tomato plants which my mum had left over...they were only runt plants and I wasn't expecting much from them but it seemed a shame to ditch them.

brussel seedlings(My brussel seedlings..and in the background you can see the tomato plants and cabbage seedlings)

So that was it. I have only planted out about half the allotment this year but it is too late now to add anything else so I will keep visiting and weeding and checking the growth ...oh and every time I come I will spend a little time digging!!!

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