Thursday 16 July 2009

Weeding the THERE'S a surprise!!!

Well I went up the allotment last weekend and after finishing off the compost and taking a couple of pics I did finally get SOME of the weeding done....someone down there actually asked me if I was winning...I am definately getting somewhere but I don't think you could say I was winning...for this to be true I would have to be actually beating the weeds and yet they always seem to be one step ahead..."sniff". I am still waiting for my chilli plants to do something..they aren't very big and don't seem to be very strong but I haven't grown these before so don't know whether this is normal...maybe I should take a walk around the allotment and see what other peoples chilli plants are doing!!

my chilli plants
Chilli plants....still no flowers though!

The good thing is I'm getting a steady supply of marrows....I just hope none of them go to waste..they are getting big quite quickly now but I have given a few away so that they won't go to waste and I have found that you can make jam out of them so I will possibly give this a try too!!

Don't they look fab?? OK..I promise to STOP going on about my marrows now (hehe)

Anyway the nice surprise was that I actually spotted the fact that I have a few runner beans ready....This made me very happy as I am down to the very last few in my freezer and was sure I was going to have to buy some from the store....there wasn't that many ready to pick but enough for a dinner and it will only be a few days before more are ready to harvest so i am going to have a good run for a while...YAY!!

Mmmmm...runner beans!!
Mmmmm...runner beans!!

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