Friday 10 July 2009

Wow it's huge!!

This is going to be very short...but I just HAD to show you my fennel. It has always done well in my little herb patch but this year it has gone's taller than me..(although admittedly I'm not very tall!!)...Like WOW!!!!

huge fennel
Surely this could win a prize!!!

Want to know a funny thing?? I don't even really like fennel...we never eat any I just cut it down!!

I suppose I should share my neglect with you too; below you can see a photo of my salad which I grew. There was definately mustard and spinach in there...and some other stuff I can't quite remember. It went to seed very quickly so we only got chance to eat about half of it. Not the best choice to grow and I don't think I will pick this next year...but lets face don't know unless you try!!

Poor salad
Poor salad...sniff.

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