Friday 10 July 2009

You don't need an allotment if your garden is on steroids!!

Ok..weird title I know but I just had to share my Mum's garden with you...I mean it is SERIOUSLY strange.

My Mum's cauliflowers

You see my mum has always grown her own tomatoes from seed and runner beans too. Every year a few extras are put in for me..(even before my allotment). Anyway this year to return the compliment I grew my Mum some brussel, cabbage and cauliflower saplings and when they were ready I planted them for her.

My Mum's cabbages

Now my Mums seedlings went in a week after mine and yet they are at least TWICE the size...I mean it just isn't right!!!!

My Mum's brussels

And as for her tomatoes...well just look for your self!!

huge tomato plants
They are HUGE!!

huge tomato plants You can see from this picture that the trusses are well over 30 cm's long.

huge tomato plants
And when we counted we found that there was an average of 100 tomatoes on each truss!!

Now this can't be natural by any standards and has never happened before..and yes mum is totally organic!!!! The only thing growing in her garden at a normal rate is her runner beans!!

runner beansThe poor things..they must feel very inadequate next to everything else!


  1. Pretty blog, but I can't see the lower part!

  2. Thankyou....sometimes blogger doesn't load the template right and the browser has to closed and's a pain and I am trying to fix it...sorry you couldn't see it all on your visit.

  3. Looks like your mum is going to get a good harvest. Everything's looking great!

  4. I know..I have to admit I'm a little jealous of her least she'll share it with me though. :-)

  5. It's amazing isn't it!! My cauli's and cabbagges don't look half as good...sniff..!!


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