Saturday 15 August 2009

Back at home.

Well I'm back at home and going stir crazy knowing that i can't get down the allotment to do anything...GGRRRHHH!!!! A nice surprise when I got home was that some of my tomatoes had finally ripened..not many but they are slowly turning. We seem to have some beautiful cherry tomatoes which although is fine is NOT what we planted....I often wonder if it's even worth buying seeds from a shop or if i should just dry my least that way I will know exactly what I'm getting!!

cherry tomatoes
The erm...Cherry tomatoes!!

The other thing I noticed on my arrival hone was my pepper plant. I said in an earlier post about none growing...well my third attempt at planting hasn't been a total failure. I put in 8 seeds and 2 of those have actually grown...and have now started to flourish. I have grown them inside one of those mini greenhouses and that is where they will stay...I just now have t see if they can manage to produce any fruit before it gets too cold...I can spot a few flower buds this space!!!

pepper plant
One of the Pepper plants..this is the biggest and at the moment is looking quite healthy.


  1. Garden look good. Love those Cherry tomatoes. I bet they will be good.

  2. Picked our first tomato today. Your pepper plant looks healthier than any of mine - they are all being eaten by something!

  3. the cherry tomatoes taste lovely...keep eating them before they get to the fridge!!

    Yes the pepper plant looks healthy...just a pity it hasn't had any flowers yet.. :-(

  4. Hi just finished reading your entire blog and it was a joy to read.

    You have achieved such a lot in such a short time, WOW!!!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. I'll be sure to save yours to keep up with your updates.

    Bye for now and happy plotting :-)

  5. PS. I love your blog's background, I keep meaning to do something like this to mine but can't seem to make up my mind as to which bakground to choose.

  6. Thanks for visiting Kella...glad you enjoyed it and hope you keep coming back!!


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