Saturday 8 August 2009

Culling the herbs!!

Well the little herb patch that I have in my garden went wild this year and everything started running into each other and all the plants were fighting to be top dog so I figured it was definately time to sort it out as I also had my tomato pots here and they were beginning to get smothered!!

herb garden
A (now) well tended herb garden!

I went a little over board but it is now beautifully tidy and I had A LOT of cuttings and even some plants with some roots on where I had been quite brutal about removing them from the ground. Whilst I was busy sorting the herb patch a couple from the allotment happened to pass by and popped in for a chat drawn by the aromatic smell of my oregano and curry plants. They had never grown oregano themselves so I gave them a nice big piece with some roots attached to plant and also some cuttings to cook with. This then got me thinking and I quickly sorted through a lot of what i had on the ground to take up to my allotment as I had been thinking for a while of adding herbs up there too.

the new herb patch
Herbs now on the allotment.

So now between the raised bed and the compost heap I have some herbs planted and quite well established ones at that. Here you can see (from left to right)peppermint, oregano, lemon balm and catmint. I love the peppermint in fresh ice cream and I have always grown catmint as it never gets black fly and has a wonderful strong flavour and aroma. I use a lot of oregano in my cooking and I am a great fish lover which is where the lemon balm comes in!! I have also put in some chive seeds and will probably put some fennel up here too..amongst other things...herbs are great..very easy to grow..good ground cover and low maintenance!! If you want to try your hand at something but aren't sure what to do first a herb garden/patch is a great start!!

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