Thursday 20 August 2009

A good year for fruit!!


Well this year, (like every year I suppose) has had it's up and downs success wise...and that goes for everyone across the board, not just me (which is good in a way as it means I don't feel like a total failure!!) However that said it has been an excellent year for fruit.

strawberry plant
strawberry pants.

I think I read on someone else's blog that they'd had problems trying to produce blueberries...but apparently they are very hard to get established..(which I didn't know and now just have to try for next year so I can probably join that failure department too!!) But all in all it has been a GREAT fruit year...with all the bushes, plants and trees producing way more than anyone can handle.

Redcurrants...I think!

This has been good for me as I LOVE fruit but only have a very small gooseberry bush and a few canes on my own allotment plot but a lot of the other allotment holders were more than happy for me to nab some of their fruit so it didn't all go to waste and I have been doing just that and been making pies, crumbles, jams, ice-creams, milkshakes, smoothies....??? Think that's it so far...any other ideas as to what I can make???

apple tree
apple tree.

Well I have put up a few pics of the allotment bushes and trees and stuff...has the fruit produced as well as this everywhere???

gooseberry bush
MY gooseberry bush.

What have you all been doing with your fruit??

blackcurrants...I think??

The only thing that hasn't produced for us is my Mum's cherry tree. This is nothing new though...I think in my WHOLE life it has only produced edible cherries twice. They were delicious and plentiful but usually it is just pips covered in skin...anyone no why??

raspberry canes
raspberry canes.


  1. Sorry to hear you can't get down to the plot and potter as you like but do take it easy, that way you can recover quicker to enjoy what you love to do plotting :0)

  2. The wild fruit has gone crazy too, we have a Japonica quince growing nearby which is just groaning with fruit this year.

    It's a bit of a relief as last year wasn't so good, we had real trouble finding sloes and for a few panic striken days thought we wouldn't be able to make sloe gin (shock, horror)

  3. Some place had a lot of rain.Great for the fruit. Bet they all are sweet. What else beside pies do you do with Gooseberries?

  4. thanks for all the comments.

    So glad you can make plenty of gin this year Tracey.. :-)

    Don't worry Kella, I'm taking it easy so as to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible!

    Auntie E I also make gooseberry Jam and crumble...gooseberry fool is quite a common recipe too although I have never made this...really should give it a go!!!

  5. Hi Tanya. I've just been catching up on your blog after my fortnight away.
    Sorry to hear that you're presently out of action, but wish you well with your recovery.
    I was really pleased with my strawberries this year. Having only had the allotment since March, the plants were only planted this year, so I didn't really expect alot from them, but they were great. Also, my blueberries, which I grow at home in containers were smashing. I had only one plant last year and this didn't produce a single berry, so I bought a second plant at the back end of last year, and this year both plants have gone mad. A pesky blackbird was trying to nick the fruit though!

  6. Those are some great looking fruit plants. Unfortunately for me I cant grow fruit yet (we are still renting) but my veggies are doing ok :D

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