Tuesday 18 August 2009

Guest posting on Allotments4you

I was recently contacted by a guy named Bill Hawthorne about adding a link on my blog or putting up a guest post from his site. It isn't about allotments or even gardening but it is about what is happening because of current environmental issues so with me trying to grow organically I think it has a place on my blog for you to view if you wish. Thanks for taking the time. Tanya.

Green Living: Improving Health For Today and Tomorrow

Much attention has been paid in recent years to what seems to be a growing environmental conscience in the United States. Going green used to be considered expensive and a luxury for those who could afford the trend. Now it appears that we are learning that not only is adopting more environmentally conscious attitudes good for our economic situation, but also our….health? Yes, if we dig a bit deeper we can see that dirty industries and backwards policy is actually harming the health of the earth for our children and the health of her inhabitants today.

How Does Environmental Policy Affect Public Health?

There are two levels of health consequences associated with dirty industry, both direct and indirect. The direct consequences are examples like increased asthma rates in areas with high smog indices. Chlorofluorocarbon release into the atmosphere has shown to decrease the filter of direct sunlight on the planet, resulting in more concentrated ultraviolet light reaching the surface of the earth. Perhaps it is no surprise then that in countries with depleted atmospheric gas, skin cancer rates are among the highest in the world.
The indirect health consequences are harder to see immediately, but closer examination reveals that these are, in fact, perhaps the most hazardous. Bi-products of dirty and backwards industries, such as coal and oil processing, include cancer causing substances like asbestos and benzene. A U.K. study conducted in 2002 indicated that coal and oil industry workers are at a much higher risk of developing mesothelioma and leukemia. Dr. Robert Taub among many other doctors who specialize in this area understand that these are substances that can be directly traced to antiquated pre-regulation equipment in industries whose environmental hazards are even more inherent.
Can we really afford to continue on the path we were on before? Investment in clean industry means not a healthier planet for our children and grandchildren, but also a healthier place for us to live today.
submitted to Allotments4you on 16th August 2009; written by James O'Shea.


  1. Tanya you do realise that you have wasted space on your blog for a post dedicated to a site that is nothing more than a feeder site for ambulance chasing lawyers.
    It looks official, but it is not.
    The site owner obviously receives commission from every case referred on this page........ http://www.maacenter.org/financial/

    I hate to see anyone such as yourself being duped into acting as a billboard for these guys.

  2. If this is the case..then maybe I will help stop other bloggers being ripped off!! Thanks for the comment and thanks for the heads up...I will look very closely next time...this is probably why when I asked if i would receive a link back it was totally ignored!!

  3. Yep, all they wanted the one-way link. Much more powerful.
    To be fair Allotments4you should be keeping tabs on this kinda thing.

  4. I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion.....the beauty of nofollow links!


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