Sunday 9 August 2009

Hooray for sun!!

Well it has been a beautiful weekend in my area of the uk and it has meant that there was plenty of chance to get down the allotment....unfortunately my son and nephew also had their birthdays so I didn't get as much time there as I would have liked!!

I got down for an hour or so though and managed to harvest a few veg for the Sunday dinner. Then it was a case of tackling the weeds AGAIN as they have multiplied drastically with the recent rain!!!!! It seems all I ever do is pull least with the sun shining and the birds singing it was a nice tranquil time and they were rather easy to pull up with the ground being so wet so it wasn't such a bad time really!!

Thought you might not believe me if I didn't show a photo of the sun!!

I have had some rather peculiar shaped carrots which were fun for the kids to try and peel and I have pulled my last three beetroot up and will slow bake them in the oven this evening (the best way in my opinion to cook them!!).

I also managed to pull a couple of leeks up which weren't too bad but probably could have done with a little longer but I really wanted to try them!!

I still have a huge amount of marrows and many more to come looking at the flowers but I have donated quite a few to the allotment stall and so far none have gone to waste. The other veg that is doing really well are my runner beans which i am having to pick on a daily basis but as they freeze so well I really don't mind and I have a neighbour who has had some to make chutney's a new one on me so I will let you know how it tastes...I'm a little skeptical myself...anyone else heard of it???

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