Wednesday 19 August 2009

Not much going on down the allotment!!!

Well I can't really get down the allotment and Do anything apart from pick up a few veg. and watch the weeds grow...God I hate being broken!!!! I did try weeding a little today..but perhaps it was a little too soon, so I left it to my son to do a bit and just brought a few bits home.

cucumbers, green and yellow beans
2 Nice healthy cucumbers.
Some green and yellow beans courtesy of Kate!!

After finding that I really couldn't weed I went back home and forlornly stared out my lounge window.

country scene
My bird table

Can't see much this time of year with the tall hedges in full greenery but it's a relaxing scene, at least until the birds start to squabble!!

baby sparrows
The baby sparrows.

And there was plenty of bird activity which gave me a few smiles and lifted my spirits just a little bit, sometimes makes you duck rather quick though as the birds often don't realize there is a pane of glass in the window frame!!

The adult sparrows.

We have sparrows on our porch roof as do the other three houses near us...they nest every year in the same place and it's lovely to see the chicks bustling under the bird table the first time the parents kick them out to fend for themselves, and please don't worry...just after taking these pics. i went out and refilled the feeders, added some fresh water to the bird bath and also treated them with some broken biscuits!!

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