Saturday 22 August 2009

Perusing The Allotment

Well I went down my allotment today...really just for a quick look (as that is all I'm about to do) and to collect some runner beans and cucumbers. I did intend to go down and do some weeding the other day but my sister who I mentioned it to rang my Mum up and told her and then my Mum rang me and told me off...I can't believe she went and snitched on me even though we're in our 30's (although I know she only did it because she cares) and then I got the third degree off Hubby about what I intended on doing down the allotment this afternoon so I daren't do anything stupid. It's nice to be loved...but annoying (if only in a good way!)

runner beans
My bumper crop of runner beans.

My son went down and did a bit of weeding for me during the week and cleared a nice big patch for me so I don't have that many and he assures me he will go down for an hour again this week coming so hopefully the weeds will not get the better of my plot!

weeded allotment
The patch my son weeded.

I mentioned on an earlier post that I was hoping to get more land. I know the guy on the plot is giving up half next season and I have spoken to the chair about it and he said he will talk to the other members about it and let me know. There is a waiting list which is a worry but I'm hoping that they will let me as I only have half a plot and have done so much with the barren land I was given last year..I will keep you all posted.

neglected allotment plot
The neglected plot I have asked if I can have.

Well I got plenty of runner beans today, a couple of cucumbers and some green beans which Kate kindly gave me from her half. Not bad really and I still have plenty of cucumbers to come and the marrows are still going strong!!

cucumbers and green and yellow beansTodays harvest.

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  1. Aren't sisters a pain ;-) but seriously I'm glad to see your taking it easy. I can just imagine how fustrating it is though, at least you can still harvest lovely veg.


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