Friday 14 August 2009

Pictures taken 10th August.

Have to thank the Hubby for these pics that were supposed to go up with the previous post...Thank you Dear!!

chilli plant
My chilli plant has quite a few flowers now!!

The marrows are still doing remarkably well!! This is just one of my seven plants.

cauliflowerUnfortunately most of my cauliflowers look like this, not sure what I have done wrong with them this year????

runner beans
I love runner beans...and they always grow so well for me!!!!


  1. LOL @ Cherry Tomatoes! We have some trailing ones growing in our hanging basket out the front. We have plenty nice green ones at the moment, they don't look keen to go red! Bet they will once we are away on holiday!

  2. I think fruit and veg secretly know when we are going away and wait until that moment to ripen!!!!

  3. Your runner beans look fab!!!

  4. Great pics!


  5. Thanks all...maybe I'm a better photographer than gardener???? LOL


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