Monday 3 August 2009

Spiky Cucumbers?!?!?!

Hi All..

Well I'm glad you all keep coming back to read my blog and I think I am slowly ironing all the bugs out of it and learning what I am doing...I have recently found out that not everyone can comment so I am sorry to those of you who have tried and haven't been able to and I am looking into getting this sorted so please keep coming by and be patient with me...I'm newer to this than my!!

Anyway I didn't intend to write a post about how the blog is coming along but about my cucumbers...When I went up the allotment yesterday I was very pleased to see that there were a couple of cucumbers ready to pick which is exactly what I did....however so I went to pick them up I got spiked!!!!

allotment grown cucumbers.
My cucumbers..can you see how spiky they are??

Is this a natural thing for home grown cucumbers?? Are all cucumbers spiky?? Were mine supposed to be spiky??
I have kind of sheared the spikes off with the back of a knife and I'm not sure this was the right thing to do either but I didn't really fancy eating pointy things that might cut my tongue. The cucumbers look great inside...have a lovely crunch to them and there is a nice flavour to the skin so I don't think I harvested them too early...anyone else had spiky cucumbers???

Waiting to hear!


  1. Yup, when I used to grow cucumbers, they would get bumps that were a bit spiky. I think hothouse cukes don't gets spikes. Either way, they'll taste good. ;)

  2. yup..all sorted anyone can comment...thanks for visiting!!

    And thanks for that Domestic least I know I'm not doing something drastically wrong!!

  3. It's nothing to do with what you're doing.
    There are smooth ridged cucumber varieties, some of which prefer the greenhouse (depending on your climate) and do not need pollination. There are some outdoor climbing varieties that do need pollination which can have prominent spikes (Marketmore for instance).
    Check what variety of seed you bought and search wiki and google image!

  4. I thought that the spikey ones were male and smooth were female.

  5. I grew a cucumber variety last season that was covered in spikes. I was very surprised. They grew quite long like yours. They were the MOST delicious ones I'd ever eaten. Trying to find the name of the variety to grow again.


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