Tuesday 25 August 2009

Stuffed Marrow(Recipe)

Well I still can't get down the allotment to do anything and to be fair even if I could I would probably be droning on about the weeds which never stop so instead today I thought I would share with you my stuffed marrow that we had for dinner last week!!! All people have there own ways of doing things so if you have any good variations feel free to post them for me to try...after all I have A LOT of marrows to get through!!

Halve marrow, ( I leave the skin on) scoop out seeds, season with salt and pepper.

mince filling
Prepare your filling...I used, minced pork, leeks, cherry tomatoes, peas and mushrooms this time. ( I do different variants)

Just thought I'd take a pic. of the mushrooms...I didn't grow them but would like to try to grow some next year!

stuffed marrow
Fill the marrow...you will notice that i have put the mushrooms on separate..this is purely so we all get an equal helping of them. Once filled put marrow back together, wrap in foil and bake in oven for a few hours until tender.....Delicious!!


  1. Someone on my facebook page recently posted about making marrow and ginger jam - I could ask for the recipe if you like? Personally I can't stand marrow or ginger so I suspect it's not for me!

  2. sure Tracey...that recipe would be great..thanks...and sorry you don't like marrow!!

  3. Looks delicious. I'm sure it tasted delicious too. It's lovely to cook with home grown ingredients.

  4. I've put a request in for the recipe.

  5. I have never even heard of marrow! And I don't think I've ever seen even a picture of it before. It most not be over here in the states.


  6. Is marrow British for squash or zucchini?

  7. I actually am not sure what Marrow is. i know that probably sounds crazy but I have never heard of this veggie? It appears to be some type of squash and the recipe sounds yummy.

    But, I have never heard or seen this in any of our grocery stores over here.

    I will have to do a little research on this because as I said...it looks delicious!!

  8. We have and grow zucchini's, squash and also courgette in uk so I don't think it is a name thing...I also have friends from poland, sweden and germany and they don't have this veg. in their countries either....maybe I could make huge amounts of money by importing seeds to all the allotment holders world wide...it's not like I don't have plenty of seeds in the marrows..LOL

    My best description of a marrow is a way too large courgette...but they do come from a different plant and have a different flavour...and colouring too. I also dice it to put in stews and casseroles...you can also make chutney and jam out of it!!

  9. I see my friend hasn't been over with her recipe. By co-incidence I was flicking through my jam cook book looking for elderberry recipes and I found marrow and ginger, so here it is.

    Makes 1 2/3 lbs jam (not much is it??)
    450g marrow
    3 tablespoons chopped preserved ginger
    450g sugar
    2 tbspn lemon juice.

    Cut marrow into half inch dice, put into preserving pan with ginger and sugar and leave overnight. Stir well before cooking. Stir on a low heat til sugar has dissolved. add the lemon juice and boil steadily til setting point is reached. Allow to cool slightly, stir to distribute marrow pieces and spoon into hot jars and seal.

  10. Just made Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Marrow 'Glutney'. It was my first attempt and has come out briliantly! You basically use what you have a glut of - based on either tomatoes or plums. I added some garlic cloves to stop it being too sweet and have managed to really impress my grandma by presenting her with a jar!


  11. just looking at marrow recipe and noticed your posts... they only grow yellow courgettes/marrows in poland so our green ones would look unfamiliar!

  12. i have done mince carrots and rice but if not got rice could i put breadcrumbs in it


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