Wednesday 5 August 2009

Wet Allotment!!!

Well I really haven't been down the allotment much since I cam back from my holiday....I've been to get vegetables for dinner but that really is about all as it doesn't want to seem to stop raining at the moment which is a shame as I really am missing the tranquility of my garden!!

my chilli plant
A flower on my chilli plant....YAY!!!!

Anyway on the odd lull in the rain yesterday I did manage to get up there (although it was far too wet to get any weeding done!!) for a little while to keep a general eye on things and I noticed that at LONG last my chilli plants have finally got some flowers on them...YAY...I really was beginning to think this was going to be just another I am very excited about this!!! The plants are very bushy with lots of greenery on them and I'm not sure if this is right or whether I should have culled them, as you do tomatoes, but never mind I will wait and see how they turn out and thenmaybe research a little more if I decide to grow them again next year....Woo Hoo...CHILLIS!!!!! (sorry I'm a little excited!)


  1. I'm not sure about inside but chillis grow really easily on a window ledge, I put a plant on the window about a month ago and am on my 6th chilli already. I know it defeats the object of having an allotment but they are still home grown!

  2. Don't worry about defeating the object of an allotment...I do still grow some stuff at home too. If I don't get much joy out of my chillis this year I will try this next year...Thanks


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