Thursday 24 September 2009

Allotment Bargains!!

Well I went into town today and just as I said in my previous post I searched high and low for horseradish....unfortunately to no avail. The closest i came to was powdered stuff in the health shop but Kate said this would not be the same.

One guy in home base told me to try walking the railway lines as it is basically known as a pretty weed and it was the done thing to plant it along the tracks...maybe I will give it a shot!!!

bargain seeds!!!!

Anyway the day wasn't a total loss as I did come across lots of seeds on sale, now I'm not one for planning ahead much but I did buy up a whole load of seeds at cut price saving my self a small fortune next season..the best thing is they are all well dated!!!

I haven't been up my allotment since last weekend but I fully intend on going up tomorrow to finish the last bit of weeding and to sort out the top...I have plans for the top end...boy do I have can all see tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Well done on your bargains. I usually buy alot of my seed at this time of year ready for next year, as I end up saving loads of money by getting them in the sales.


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