Friday 25 September 2009

The allotment...prettying it up...and making life easier!!!

So I told you in my previous post about the 'Big Plans' I had for the top end of the allotment...well in hindsight I think I may have making a huge affair out of very little. My grand idea is to gravel...(or something similar)... the top end of my plot to keep all those pesky weeds at bay and therefore leave me more time to spend tending my veg.

This is what we started with.

So today I went to home-base and bought some plasticy stuff to lay in preparation for the gravelly stuff......(are you loving my technical terms?? hope I'm not losing you all with my jargon..LOL). Today was a good day to visit the store as it was a 10% off day......and also on my travels round the store I saw three beautiful blackcurrant bushes on offer at £1.79 each so snapped those up too!!!

Up here was originally where I wanted to put the blackcurrant bushes but the ground was rather hard and dry!!

So anyway I got all the plastic laid (with some help from my Dad!!) and it was really looking quite neat and tidy...but then as I haven't actually bought any gravel yet the carpets had to be laid back on top so that it would stay weighted down and not blow away in the wind so you will just have to imagine the beauty of it for now!!

Just her would have been a beautiful pick of my blackcurrant bushes...but I deleted it by mistake...whoops!!

After a lot of consideration I picked a place for my blackcurrant bushes and also got a bit more weeding done too...all in all quite a productive days work!!!!

So this is where we are at now...will look better again with the gravel but none the less a huge improvement...oh and the B.C. bushes are right at the other end.

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