Monday 21 September 2009

The case of the cauliflowers!!!

Well by far the worst crop I have had this year is my cauliflowers. I'm not really sure what went wrong...I manged to eat one and the rest were a total bust...anybody got and ideas what the problem was?? I started out with perfectly health seedlings which I grew and lovingly cared for from seed...and then....garbage!!!!!!

puny cauliflower
This was one of the better cauliflowers.

I don't know why this happened...when we dug them up they appeared to be regrowing from the roots...very interesting?????

bad cauliflower
This is what most of the cauliflowers looked like!!

Anyway someone gave me some all year round cauliflower seeds so they are in and I can see the shoots coming through and I will see if this crop fairs any better...any tips people??

cauliflower root growth
There was some very healthy growth below ground though?!?!?!


  1. i like cauli's .......but its sad....that most of them were ruined ......

  2. yes hitesh...I was sad that most were ruined too as it is a very good veg to freeze!!

    Tahtimbo....I don't know what happened but your comment when I published it disappeared into cyber for a different fruit to grow I am going to give melons a try this England I think there are only two varieties that i can choose from but as you are in Idaho there may be more would be good to experiment with these together!!!


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