Wednesday 2 September 2009

Family foraging.

Well it's been a very busy day!!

After all my researching at the weekend I just had to get out there and pick some blackberries with which to make my bramble Jelly!!

I went out yesterday but it wasn't too successful and I only managed to get a couple of lb’s of fruit.

My Dad however went out on his bike and told me that he had found a place that was abundant with fruit so this morning I decided that I would go.

It turned into quite the family affair...with 3 generations picking together and we all enjoyed the fresh air..(If not the thorns!!)

After a couple of hours and a few laughs we went home to wash the blackberries...we ended up with 6lb...which was more than twice what we managed to get yesterday…and that was even after my youngest nephew stumbled and trod on the largest bag we had picked..(Whoops!)

Well it was a good day and my kitchen now has a lovely distinct blackberry smell, as the juices drain in the kitchen…… I can’t wait for the morning!!!


  1. That sounds like a fun outing. My family used to go out and pick mulberries in the same way.

  2. Family foraging - the best kind! My girls really enjoy it but then they're still only 5 and 2, though I'm sure that by the time they're 13 or so they'll be hugely embaressed at their parents' antics! Hope the jam goes well.

  3. well the kids are 9 113 and 14 and still prepared to come...even my nephew who is nearly 16 will still come with us at times so there is always a possibility that your kids will keep it up Tracey.. :-)

  4. i so not know what ....bramble Jelly is....but pics......says .....collecting ingredient was fun.....woo hooo


  5. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Re the Plum jam - we used a level tablespoon of cinnamon to 4lbs of fruit. Hope that helps!


    All at Reads Allotment Retreat


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