Wednesday 9 September 2009

It's a pepper

Hi all...sorry it's been a few days since my last post but things are slowing down a little now and I don't want to keep repeating myself so I have just stayed clear of boring you all....Until today that is!!!!

pepper plant
can you see the pepper??

Today was the day I spotted my first pepper growing. Just to refresh your memories, I planted pepper seeds to put on my allotment and not one grew...I tried again and still none grew. Then because it was getting so lat4e in the year I filled a tub up with compost and placed it in my miniature greenhouse with 8 pepper seeds...2 of these grew...and now I have a pepper...I'm very excited!!!

pepper plant
plenty of flowers growing.

It is very tiny but I'm hoping it will grow quick so that we get to eat them before it gets too cold and they die off. There are quite a few flowers on the plant now too so I am praying for more than the one pepper..please pray with me :-)

pepper plant
quite a handsome looking pepper plant :-)


  1. The plants look v healthy, fingers crossed for you. I grew peppers on a sunny windowsill last year which were moderately successful, my parents in law plant did much better in their conservatory though. (not that I'm jealous or anything, oh no ....)

  2. aren't pepper black..... :)
    i have never done gardening on my own...but my father used too.....we use to grow....vegi's in small piece of land in front of our house.....

    yea......i'm from a farmer's grand-father was..........but no one really went into it after him.....

    so we have workers....working for us on the field


  3. Yes if you have a sunny room or sill why not bring them indoors, they don't like the cooler temps and with the cooler nights starting to roll in they may slow way down, with luck you might be able to over-winter them and get a jump start on next season.

    Are you feeding them? I would continue if you are, especially as they are still producing flowers and fruit. If you do bring them indoors just tickle the newly opened flowers every morning with a paint brush to aid pollination.

  4. I've never had black peppers???

    Thanks for the tip Kella but I have 5 cats and I'm worried that they would think I was giving them a lovely litter tray so i think I'll just se how they go!!!

  5. It looks good to me. I hope it continues to grow well for you.

  6. I've got quite a few peppers on my plant, but they're all totally refusing to turn anything but green. I'm still living in hope though.


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