Saturday 12 September 2009

Powdery mildew????

Just come back from a quick trip to my plot.

setting up the rods
just setting up.

I actually intended to go down today to get some serious work done but a walk with the kids turned into a fishing trip/lesson which they really enjoyed so the work on the allotment has yet to happen.

the first fish
whoop...we caught fish!!

Anyway when I went down to pick some runner-beans I noticed my cucumber and marrow plants weren't looking too healthy...I think it may be the powdery mildew everyone has talked about at one time or another so I will take some pics. tomorrow to get confirmation off people...until then enjoy the fishing pictures!!!!

waiting for a bite
waiting anxiously for a bite!!


  1. Think I've got it on my Swiss Chard too, I just washed it off last year, hope it's not toxic!

  2. we went fishing today too... thankfully we caught bigger fish unlike the first time

  3. yea....i used to go for fishing......but haven't done that for some......8-10 years now....but....come on......that fish is too small.........


  4. The fish may be small but considering the kids had never fished before and we pulled out more than a dozen in less than an hour they were more than happy!!!!


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