Tuesday 1 September 2009

Some Allotment Pictures.

Well like I said on my previous post, I let the kids loose with the camera over the weekend and too be honest the pics although plentiful weren't half bad so I thought I would make a collage out of them for you all to see.

collage of vegetable plants.
Things are looking quite healthy here!!

collage of vegetable plants
The cauliflower plants leave a lot to be desired!!

Not to bad a show for my second year...again my cauliflower plants look terrible but I am now going to try winter cauliflowers and see if i can do any better with them!!


  1. you are one of my top droppers........thanks......woo hoo.....\,,,/

  2. This is what I like to see. Plenty of green color and a healthy growing garden always make good pictures.

  3. Everything is looking good! Certainly beating my 'Veggie Patch in a Pot' affair that we have going on at the moment!

  4. You did more than I did at the allotment this weekend. We decided to spend the weekend on days out instead. The weeds will wait for another day.

  5. hitesh rawat...thanks for stopping by love to 'drop in' on those people who 'drop in' on me :-)

    ratty...thanks for reading...I love to visit your blog and see what you've been up too!!

    Thanks for the compliment Rosie but I know next year you are going to have a fantastic garden with all that extra space...just a little jealous..lol

    Jo...good for you...The weeds will always be there next weekend!! :-)

  6. Foraging for Free food is great. We have collected nearly 60 pounds of free fruit this year, including Victoria Plums, Red Cherry Plums, Yellow Cherry Plums, Damsons, Blackberries. I'm on the lookout for some sloe's!

    Happy gathering!

  7. I have seen hundreds of sloes just sitting to be picked...however I don't like gin or wine...do you know if there is anything else you can do with them??


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