Tuesday 1 September 2009

A weekend at the Allotment.

Well I managed to get down the allotment this weekend and see exactly what a complete tip it was. There were weeds choking the weeds in some areas, which is seriously NOT a good position to be in. So with myself feeling a little more mobile and armed with a couple of willing (well almost!) helpers I got to work!!

lots of weeds
The raised bed before we started working on it.

I desperately wanted to plant something and manged to get hold of 6 nice lettuce plants on the allotment stall which I thought could go in my raised bed with some radishes which are still OK to put in from seed at the moment.

herb patch.
Me weeding the newly placed herb patch.

So That was the plan. Everything took a little longer than it usually would, but that was alright...at least I was getting something done. Overall I suppose the plot doesn't look too bad, even with a few weeks of weeding neglect!! I let the kids loose with the camera hence the reason I am actually in one of the pics...It's a good pic though..you can't see me face.. LOL

A little help
A little help :-)

Within the next week I am also going to sow some cauliflower seeds (all year round ones) and some winter broad beans...I hate to think of so much ground not being used over the winter period.

lettuces and newly sown radishes
The newly planted lettuces and newly sown radishes..much better!

I am still getting plenty of marrows but so far with giving them to friends and neighbours, donating to the allotment stall and cooking with them I haven't had any that haven't got used...now I also have cucumbers in abundance and I'm sure the neighbours will soon get fed up with me..:-)

The weeded herb patch!
The weeded herb patch!

In All it doesn't look like I've done much but I don't think it was a bad mornings work for someone who isn't fully recovered yet..I'm quite proud that i took things nice and steady!!


  1. Glad to hear radishes are still ok to plant, I need to put some seeds in after my crop was wrecked by caterpillars.

  2. Yeah...get them in quick though...last planting is around about now!!

  3. Hi there,
    I've just come over from Kella's blog to have a good nosy round. I am so excited that you work with kids and community groups. In my previous role (which I so dearly miss), I used to work with disadvantaged and underrepresented community groups and their children and tried to get people interested in outdoor pursuits including growing projects: whether it was planting vegetable seeds or tree planting. It was also a way of integrating these 'new Scots' amongst the host community. So in a nutshell I admire your work. I do think children are the way forward, and its great to know they know where some of the vegetables come from, not the freezer section in the local supermarket. So I take my hat off to you. Do you have space for a few of my nephew and neices? : )


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