Wednesday 21 October 2009

Grape vines!!!

Did you see my title??? That's right...I actually said 'Grape Vines'...not plants or trees...aren't you impressed??? My Mum kept moaning at me for not naming them properly so I thought I should be a little more correct about the new fruits I was growing!!!

Anyway I finally got the vines planted today...I have to say i feel a little awful about having left them in the pots for so long but with other stuff that's happened i just didn't feel like playing in the garden.

Anyway they are in now and hopefully will thrive well. I have put these in the garden as they are going to trail and I didn't have anywhere sheltered to put them on the allotment. I am going to get some trellis and erect it for them to climb up and if they do well i may get a couple more for next year!!

grape vines
The Grape Vines in their new home!!

As for my dwarf nectarine tree...I think with the grape vines in residence it may not feel so lonely so I have decided to leave it where it is and get a few different fruit trees for the allotment.

I think the allotment is doing OK but I have to admit I haven't been back since Monday and even then I didn't take much notice of what was going on for obvious reasons so I will hopefully go and check on my beans at the weekend!!!


  1. Alright, they're looking good. I've let plants sit in the pots so long they died before they ever made it in the ground. I'm bad about that. No more lonely nectarine :)

  2. Should be some great fruit for you in years to come. I have a friend with a small grape arbor, and she usually has a great "crop" for a small family.

  3. I'm excited for your new grape vines Tanya! Is that white or red grapes?

  4. Hi VanillaSeven...the grapes will be red on these vines...if they do well I am hoping to get some white ones in the future!!

  5. I love grape vines! My grandpa used to keep them. He used them to make a covered pathway.

  6. They are going to look great Tanya. Can we look forward to a nice drop of Chateau Walton in the coming years!!

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  7. So will you taking up wine making then?

  8. I think with all these new bushes/vines/trees you're going to be self sufficient in the years to come.


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